Blood and Mud – Rowan Rugby

80 minutes of full contact. Blood and sweat but never tears.

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Thanks To All

For the duration of our class period, I stalked Rowan Rugby like no other fan has before.  I traveled to all their games, went to all of their activities and even attended a few practices. I learned a lot about the Rugby men by following them around and published a good deal of what I learned on my blog.  I covered everything from what rugby actually is to individual player interviews and stories.

While I will miss blogging, I will not continue to update the blog.  During their off season I will be spending more time on my other schoolwork and working.  I wanted to thank everyone for all of their support and motivation to keep up the blog.  I had a lot of encouragement that really kept me going.


Thank you all,


Deanna V.


Thank You Seniors

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Games were won and friendships were created.  Unbreakable bonds have been formed between all of the players that nothing can effect. The team is very close knit, so the end of this season was a little tough on everyone.

“The seniors really made up our team this year, they put in so much time an effort to bring our team together and I can’t thank them enough.”  said Larry Quinn, freshman on the Rowan Rugby team.

The Rowan Rugby team was an unstoppable force this year, they annihilated their competition at every angle.  It was a team sport and no one person made or break the team.  But one thing is for sure, the players could not have had such an amazing season if it wasn’t for their seniors.

Graduation will separate the team physically, but the memories made between everyone will last forever. “I’ll never forget the first time I ever played with my team, I showed up at a practice and had no idea what was going on.  I remember that I was tackled hard in my first practice and decided that was just about it for me, I was all set.  But then one of the seniors walked over and helped me up and just nodded at me.  Something about that nod made me realize that I couldn’t be done with Rugby, that I wanted to be a part of this team, of this brotherhood,” said freshman John Edler.

I personally will never forget the memories I made with the Rugby team either.  I got to know them all very well throughout the season and I can honestly say that as a group of guys go, this one is definitely the best.  They are all kind and caring and passionate about their sport.  I’m very glad I was able to cover them throughout this season and was able to promote them all.  This particular group of men, the seniors and younger players are phenomenal.  They will be going places in life, that much is clear.

“I’ve never seen a group of guys show so much leadership towards younger players.  They were so accepting of the freshman this year, on and off the field.  It gives the younger players someone to look up to, it shows them how to run the team in years to come.  I’ll tell you one thing, they have big shoes to fill,” said Megan Kessig, an avid Rowan Rugby fan.

This isn’t goodbye to the seniors, its more of a see you later. The seniors will still be with us next year, their lessons passed down will stay with the team as the years go on.  There will never be another Rob Fe-ket screaming on the sidelines, there won’t ever be another Will Morgan.  Each senior is unique in their own way and won’t be forgotten.

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How do our Rugby Men stay fit and fabulous?

It’s no secret that the Rugby men are some of the most fit and attractie athletes at Rowan University.  All the ladies like to look at them and all the men envy their physique.  So what’s their secret? How do the Rugby Men keep their abs, arms, necks, legs and backs on the high side of the sexy scale?  I asked around and I found a few tips from a few of the stud muffins on the team and here’s what I found out:

Lawrence Achey has a specific work out schedule.  He runs 2 miles before every work out, incorporates abs with daily strength and conditioning routines and lifts heavy things like horse weight.

“You just have to make sure you’re bigger than the next guy, that’s why you work hard every day,” said Lawrence.

Kyle Carberry has a similar work out routine.  Although he did add that in between every activity in the gym, you should do an ab work out.  “You basically want to hit every muscle every day, incorporate everything,” said Kyle.

When it comes to eating, Kyle and Lawrence eat basically the same foods all week:

  • venison
  • low fat milk
  • grilled chicken
  • veggies
  • protein shakes
  • oatmeal
  • many many eggs

In the words of Kyle Carberry, “You have to eat like a horse to make your body run like a horse.”

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Harrison Raby’s Adventure to the ER

During Rowan’s game against Drexel, two injuries were sustained.  One of the two injuries that occurred that Saturday happened to my close friend Harrison Raby.  Harrison went into the game after Senior Rugby player Dave Collette sprained his ankle.  After about a half hour of playing time, I saw Harrison walk towards the sidelines holding his arm to his chest.  I was standing with my roommate, who is also Harrison’s girlfriend, Leah Wernsing, and she thought that it was only his left separated shoulder.  Neither of us seemed to notice that it was actually his right arm that he was holding to his body.

We noticed that it was bad once the trainer escorted him off the field and he was so dizzy he had to sit down against the fence.  Only then did it dawn on us that it was in fact his RIGHT shoulder that was injured.  When we asked Harrison what he did to it he told us he heard his collar bone snap.

It did look like it was sticking out at a weird angle, and the trainers and EMS personel advised him to go to the emergency room.  Once Harrison heard that, he said “I don’t want to go in an ambulance again, people die in those things.”  So being the amazing roommate/friend that I am, I decided to drive sweaty, dirty and smelly Harrison to the ER.

Once we got to the ER and had checked in we met a lot of interesting people.  Two old women who made fun of me for being short, a little boy crying of an ear infection, a drunk woman and even a guy who cut his leg open hopping a fence.  We made small talk with everyone for about two hours until Harrison was called back to be seen by a doctor. (90% of the conversations were based on my height and so called “baby face”)

In the end we found out that Harrison did not actually break his collar bone, but in fact separated his other shoulder.  He was so excited that he didn’t break his collar bone that he began punching the hospital bed.  Harrison was out for the last game, but still received a metal when the team won the championship.


Harrison Raby getting his vitals checked at the ER
Photo taken by: Deanna Vallejo

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Anthony DeLuca

Anthony DeLuca showing off his School Spirit
Photo Taken By: Deanna Vallejo

Anthony DeLuca is a Senior at Rowan University from Cranbury New Jersey.  He enjoys long walks on the beach and sunsets snuggled under blankets.  Just kidding, but he does play Rugby for Rowan and is a great role model for the younger teammates. Listen in to hear all about how Anthony joined the Rugby team.

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Who is Pooh Bear?

I remember the first time I ever met Pooh Bear. My roommates and I had a few of our Rugby friends over and were all hanging out in my living room.  I remember sitting on the couch and looking up as the the door opened, and three guys I had never met before walked in.  I don’t remember who the first two were they just kinda blended in with all the other people, but I vividly remember the guy I shortly came to know as Pooh Bear.

I won’t lie, at first I thought he was a 30 year old man.  The beard is really what threw me off; Pooh is a 5’11 big guy, who was wearing glasses and a hoodie.  For about a minute, I just stared at him very confused as to how everyone knew this 30 year old guy standing in my living room.  Then my friend Harvey Singh walked over to me and noticed how I was staring in awe.  He introduced me to the 30 year old who said, “Hi, I’m Pooh Bear” and from there blossomed a great friendship.

I got to know Pooh Bear, and it took me about two weeks to find out that his real name was Sam Rosenstock. I’m sure what everyone is wondering is, who named this kid Pooh Bear? Well from what I’ve observed, 98% of the entire Rugby team and our group of friends call him Pooh Bear, not Sam.  So naturally I just assumed it was a Rugby nickname. Almost all the guys get nicknames, some are normal like Little Ant and Big Ant for both players named Anthony, except one is humongous and the other is average sized. And some have nothing to do with anything like Bobby D’Agostino’s nickname: Blanket. Anyway, the way that Pooh Bear got the nickname Pooh Bear was from way back in high school, before the “amish facial hair” as his mother would say. All of his friends thought that he looked like Winnie the Pooh, and from there the nickname stuck.

Pooh Bear is a 19 year old Sophomore Accounting Major and Rugby player at Rowan from Woodstown New Jersey. When I first met Pooh Bear I thought he was scary and intimidating, but after I got to know him I learned he really is a big teddy bear.  He is one of the sweetest and kind hearted guys I know.  Pooh is probably one of the only guys I’ve ever met who consistently puts others before himself, he’s always there for me.  Whenever my roommates and I walk into the room he always stops whatever hes doing to come over and hug each of us individually.  Friendship has always been very important to me and it takes a lot for people to gain my trust.  I can say without hesitation that Pooh Bear is one of my best and closest friends, I know he would do anything for me the way I would do anything for him.

“Pooh Bear” – Sam Rosenstock
Picture taken by Donna Rosenstock